Rhino 2EC + RH Fan Controller

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The Rhino 2EC + RH Fan Controller is the ultimate controller offering precision control over intake and out-take fans, with separate day and night settings. The digital sensor monitors the temperature, humidity and light, whilst the controller automatically maintains the environment to the desired settings.

The built-in fan balancer enables negative pressure to be established accurately to 1% of fan speed. The intake fan will remain off until the temperature or humidity increase, at which point the fans ramp up, saving energy and reducing wear on the ventilation system.
The controller also allows for minimum and maximum fan speeds to be set.

Easy to mount enclosure
Set day & night temperature and humidity values
Set minimum and maximum fan speeds
Set negative pressure

1 x Fan Controller
1 x 5 metre Temperature & Light Sensor
2 x 5 metre EC Intake/Outtake Cables
2 x Mounting Screws
2 x Wall Plugs
Full Instructions