Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

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Rhino Hobby Filters are the budget version of Rhino Pro Filters - the UK's best selling carbon filter. They’re made in the same factory and use the same RC412 carbon as the premium Pro version.

There are three main differences between a Rhino Pro and a Rhino Hobby:

1. The "bed" of carbon used in the Rhino Pro is 50mm, on the Rhino Hobby the bed is 30mm. This just means that the carbon will lose its action quite a bit sooner in the 30mm bed, but it will still be 100% effective during normal use.

2. The Rhino Pro is guaranteed for 2 years, the Rhino Hobby only has a one year guarantee. This simply reflects the thinner carbon bed in the Hobby as opposed to the Pro.

3. The Hobby can be turned around during use to make sure that you get the most out of the carbon. In all carbon filters the air being pulled through will go for the path of least resistance, this means that more air moves through the top part of the filter and the carbon in this area degrades quicker than the carbon at the bottom. By turning the filter at least half way through its life span (every 3 months is better), you make better use of all of the full carbon bed, especially on the longer models.

The Rhino Hobby range offers effective odour removal at a price that is unmatched in any other comparable quality filter available in the UK – these filters are great for growers looking for a budget filter that works well for a year before upgrading when finances allow.

100/300mm - 350m3/hr

125/300mm - 500m3/hr

150/300mm - 600m3/hr

150/600mm - 600m3/hr

200/400mm - 900m3/hr

200/600mm - 1125m3/hr

250/600mm - 1429m3/hr