Rhino Skin

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Rhino Skin provides much needed Silica to your plants, in the form of Potassium silicate. Silica strengthens the plants cell walls, creating stronger stems, leaves and flowers. Potassium silicate benefits leaves, stems and internal plant cells best when the silica is drawn in through roots to become part of your plants’ structure. A lack of silica causes weaker plants, with lower potency and more vulnerable to pests and disease, yet silica is not present in most hydroponics fertilizers. Add Rhino Skin to your nutrient regime for stronger, healthier plants and larger harvests.

Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin 1L
Creates stronger, healthier plants for more abundant harvests
Helps plants protect against pests and diseases
Can be used to raise the pH of nutrient solution
Use 2ml per liter during weeks 1 – 6 of the flowering stage