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ROOT ROT X™ is 99.9999% effective against all stages of bacterial colonisation on roots, equipment, and even waterlines.

ROOT ROT X™ is a versatile and fast acting root steriliser. Proven to work on the widest spectrum of pathogens, including Pythium. FREE from chemicals like aldehyde, alcohol, bleach and QACs, ROOT ROT X™ quickly kills bacteria and removes established biofilm in a single treatment.

Applications – Suitable for all hydroponic applications including – RDWC, DWC, Flood & Drain, Drip Feed, NFT & Rockwool.

The active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is an effective biocide with incredible bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties.

Our Hypochlorous acid is available in its purest form and has been formulated to a specific concentration. Thanks to ground-breaking technology, Root Rot X™ is manufactured to be 100% stable and remains stable once opened.

Weekly Treatment in Hydroponic systems:
Add 1ml per litre of water every 7 days for water temperatures at 20° or below. Add 1.5ml per litre of water every 7 days for water temperatures above 20°.

Final Nutrient Flush:
Add 3-4ml per litre of water for the last 3-5 days of flowering cycle.

Cloning / Propagation:
Add 15ml per litre of water. Completely immerse cuttings for 20 seconds, cloning gels or rooting powders can then be applied. For rooted clones, add 3-5ml per litre of water.

Hydroponic System/Reservoir Cleaning:
Add 20ml per litre of water. Run water pumps for 1-24 hours then drain the system/reservoir.

Grow room sterilisation:
Use undiluted. Spray or fog walls, floors and non-electrical equipment.

Root Rot X™ should be used with mineral based nutrients and additives and should not be used with organic products.