ROOT!T 42w Led Grow Light (96cm)

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The ROOT!T 42W LED Grow Light is ideal for propagation, with a colour temperature of 6500K, and can also be used for the vegetative (growth) stage of the lifecycle of small plants. With a light spread to cover two standard-sized propagation trays, the ROOT!T LED Grow Light comes with clips to attach it to a ROOT!T LED Light Stand, or for clipping the light to a tent pole. Universal hanging hooks are also provided. Plug-and-play, the ROOT!T LED Grow Light has an integral power lead. We recommend that it is controlled via a timer.  

Key selling points:  
  • Simple to use – plug-and-play 
  • Output PPF 93µmol/s 
  • 6500K – ideal for propagation & growth 
  • Very economical – 42W 
  • Lightweight and easy to hang 
Technical Specifications:   
Length  96 cm 
Wattage  42 W 
Voltage  220 – 240 V 
Frequency  50 Hz 
Light Output PPF  93μmol/s 
Colour Temperature  6500 K 
IP Rating  IP44 
Q: Can I use a ROOT!T LED Grow Light for the whole lifecycle of my plants? 
A: The ROOT!T LED Grow Light has a light output suitable for the vegetative (growing) stage of the plant life cycle but is not ideal for the flowering and fruiting stages. We recommend that you use a full-spectrum or dual spectrum light source, or a light source with a warmer, redder colour temperature output for the flowering and fruiting stages. 
Q: Must I mount the ROOT!T LED Grow Light horizontally? 
A: The ROOT!T LED Grow Light can be mounted in any attitude. It could be clipped to a vertical grow-tent pole and used as a supplementary light source if required.