Rootit LED Light Stand - Double

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*Can be used with any branded led light under 120cm*

The ROOT!T LED Light Stand – Double is designed to support either a single ROOT!T 42W LED Grow Light or a pair of ROOT!T 26W Grow Lights. If used with two 26W lights, these can be arranged either in line, or side-by-side, at approximately 19 cm distance centre–to-centre. The stand can be adjusted to three heights to position the Grow Light/s suitably to light young plants in propagation trays. Lightweight and simple to assemble, it is also easy to clean and disassemble if required for storage. Made from durable aluminium, it will serve you for many crops.  

Key selling points:  

  • Specifically designed to support ROOT!T LED Grow Lights 
  • Height adjustable 
  • Simple to assemble / disassemble 
  • Durable aluminium construction 
Technical Specifications:   
Length :  
  • 120 cm (when used with 42W Grow Light or 2 x 26W Grow Lights in line) 
  • 60 cm (when used with 2 x 26W Grow Lights side-by-side) 
Maximum Width: 20.5 cm 
Maximum Height: 38 cm 
Can support one ROOT!T 42W LED Grow Light or two ROOT!T 26W Grow Lights 
Q: How should I fix my ROOT!T LED Grow Light/s to the Light Stand? 
A: The clips provided with your Grow Light/s are a perfect fit for the support bar of the Light Stand. Simply clip them on.