Sanlight Evo Bluetooth Dimmer

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The SANlight EVO Bluetooth® Dimmer unlocks the full wireless potential of your SANlight EVO LED grow light. This ‘plug and play’, wireless, Bluetooth dimmer slots neatly into your LED lamp.

Being wireless, it means you don't need to step into the grow room to change your SANlight LED's settings. It allows you to simply use your Bluetooth enabled mobile device to access the SANilight App to switch the light settings from off to 100%.

You'll need one Bluetooth dimmer for every light you want to control. Each EVO-Series light equipped with a Bluetooth dimmer can be dimmed between 0 and 100% via Bluetooth Mesh technology. Using the SANlight Mesh App makes it easy for you to control several EVO-Series light fixtures at once. The Mesh App allows you to group individual lights. This means you can control individual groups independently from each other. The app allows you to dim the meshed lights at the same time with one slider.

Garden tip: The SANlight Mesh App is only currently available for Android devices on the Google Play store.

Controlling light intensity helps to regulate the size of your plants. Additionally, lowering the light intensity for the early stages of your plants’ life means you can use the same lights throughout your plants’ whole life cycle.


The following list highlights the key features for the SANlight EVO Bluetooth Dimmer and show why you need it for your SANlight EVO-Series LED:

  • Up to 3,200 luminaires can be operated in a SANlight Mesh network
  • Dim to Off (switching off the luminaires via the dimmer, EVO series only)
  • IP65 protection
  • Dimming of each individual luminaire or of luminaire groups
  • Individual groupings possible
  • Free software updates for further developments
  • Trimmed for secure communication
  • Dimming in 1% steps from 0 – 100%

Attaching the magnetic fob puts the Bluetooth dimmer into stealth mode so it can't be picked up by unwanted devices.

Only compatible with SANlight EVO-Series LEDs. One dimming device is necessary for each lamp. Always follow the instructions provided. Only currently available on Android mobile devices.