Luxx Plant Support Scrog Net

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The Luxx range of support nets are made from white bungee and are available in 4 sizes:

• 60cm - 100cm Square (4 Hooks)

• 120cm Square (4 Hooks)

• 150 x 150cm Square (4 Hooks)

• 240 x 120cm Rectangular (6 Hooks)

Hooks in each corner make this easy to attach and adjust to corner poles with a diameter of up to 25mm. the 2.4x1.2m net has 6 hooks, one for each corner and 2 for the middle.

Providing horizontal support for plants ensures strong evenly distributed limbs, easy air circulation and most importantly an level canopy for even light distribution

This is a heavy duty net made from bungee straps. It has several uses and comes highly recommended

For larger spaced simply join multiple nets together using the corner hooks

A well manufactured answer to a common problem