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Heavy harvests need the support of strong stems. Just as we require calcium for strong, healthy bones, plants need calcium for similar reasons. Once deficient, it cannot be fixed – so don’t let your plants go short. Fast growing plants under high intensity lights have huge calcium requirements – sometimes even a high quality basic fertiliser program can’t provide everything they need. Ensure optimum growth with Sensi Cal Grow. Sensi Cal Grow is specifically targeted towards vegetative growth phase and provides three types of calcium that make plants grow faster and lusher so they’re ready to give you awesome harvests; faster C02 and nutrient uptake for strong vegetative growth.

Used during the:

Complete Grow stage

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow – Parts A & B 
pH perfect – no manual pH adjustment required
Grow stronger, healthier plants with larger harvests
Includes surfactant, fulvic acid, humic acid & amino acids
Use 4ml per liter during the growth stage