Shogun Dragon Force

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Shogun Dragon Force is an explosive late flowering booster designed to deliver a massive boost to your plants in the final stages of the flowering cycle. Dragon Force 'forces' fruits and flowers to add weight and size beyond their usual capacity as well as fully ripening fruits before harvest. This final boost can add vital weight to your harvest when your plants are ordinarily slowing down.

Providing a final and decisive boost to your plants before harvest, SHOGUN Dragon Force is an expertly formulated final flowering feed made to be found in the last two weeks before harvest. It forces fruits and flowers to include weight and size beyond their normal capacity as well fully ripen and fruits before harvest. Like a supplementary gear for the plants, this final boost can significantly enhance your harvest at the same time when most growth is normally slowing down.

Replaces your Bloom nutrient and PK products during the final couple of weeks
Stimulates a ripening response to encourage plants to pack on additional yield at a time when they would usually be slowing
Ensures fruits and flowers reach their full potential
Unique nutrient ratios for specific life cycle boost
Fantastic value considering it replaces nutrients and PK additives completely

Shogun Dragon Force Usage:
Shogun Dragon Force is suitable for use with all growing mediums and techniques. Use Dragon Force in the final 10 days to 2 weeks of your flowering cycle prior to flushing your plants and use instead of your base nutrients. Add to your nutrient solution at a rate of 20ml to 40ml per 10 litres of water used.