Shogun Start

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SHOGUN START is a delicate nutrient formulated to maximise plant establishment and root development. Containing balanced micro and macro nutrients alongside the SmartZen maximiser ingredient. SHOGUN START gives your young plants full strength trace elements whilst still maintaining a low overall strength.

SHOGUN START encourages auxins to move from the leaf tissue to the stem for rapid rooting and fast establishment of all of the structures that the plant needs later on for maximized yields and performance

The need for a young plant establishment nutrient solution is crucial for maximising yield and growth potential. However most nutrient companies have missed this all together and focused on growth stages. SHOGUN Fertilisers have realised through extensive field trials and scientific studies that crops given a gentle nutrient at seedling and cutting stage tremendously outperform those just given normal or half strength nutrients.

In addition the SHOGUN Start formula has been boosted with a unique ratio of boron and calcium which have been reported by peer reviewed journals to be key elements that drive vigorous root growth. Our ongoing research projects and dedicated testing program have allowed us to refine our formula to create the perfect blend of micro and macro nutrients for early stage growth.


    • Reduces Germination Time
    • Reduces cutting failure rate
    • Used for pre-soaking media such as rockwool before transplanting plants.
    • Increase’s chlorophyll content and therefore photosynthesis
    • Contains SmartZen maximiser ingredient for enhanced nutrient uptake
    • Increases resistance to infection from pathogens
    • Supplies the perfect balance of macro and micro nutrients for young plants
    • Encourages fluffy white root development. Both lateral root development and root proliferation are both steered by the product formulation
    • Efficient nutrient uptake targeted to the early stages of growth
    • Humic and fulvic acid improves healthy growth and increases uptake of nutrients


Use 4ml alongside Katana Roots during the early stages of a seedling’s or cutting’s life.