Shogun Sumo Active Boost 25L

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Shogun Sumo Active Boost is a new formula designed for active hydroponic systems. Emulsifiers and preservatives in Sumo Active Boost stop any fermentation, froth or residue from forming in your tank for up to 14 days. Plants given Sumo Active Boost are more vigorous, of a higher quality and most importantly produce higher yields. Shogun Fertilisers Sumo Active Boost is a heavyweight bio-stimulant without equal. A true champion of yield boosters triggering rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a targeted flowering response. Plant efficiency is maximised, whilst quality, aroma and taste are improved.
Improves taste, flavour and aromas
Invigorates shoot growth and flower formations
Vigorous growth, lush leaves and overall larger plants
Increases plant metabolism, uptake of nutrients and final weight
No froth or residues
Works with drip systems
Stable in tanks for up to 14 days

How to use Shogun Sumo Active Boost:
Shake Sumo Active Boost before adding to your nutrient solution or foliar feed. Sumo Active Boost can be added as a tank additive at 1ml to 2ml per Litre of water. Use throughout the entire flowering cycle up until harvest.

Foliar Feed Shogun Sumo Active Boost:
Add 2ml of Sumo Active Boost per Litre of water, spray once at the beginning of flower and again 28 days later. pH should be adjusted between 5-7.