Shogun Sumo Boost 25L

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Shogun Sumo Boost is a highly aggressive flowering stimulant that is taking the indoor gardening industry by storm. Plants fed with Sumo Boost are more vigorous, of a higher quality and most importantly produce higher yields.

Shogun Fertilisers Sumo Boost is a heavyweight bio-stimulant without equal. Standing proud because the champion of yield boosters it triggers rapid gains in yield and quality by initiating a strong and targeted flowering response. Plant efficiency is maximised to devastating effect, whilst quality, aroma and taste are improved via enhanced acrylic production.

Contains a phyto-hormone to stimulate flowering enhancing functions
Stimulates growth, photosynthesis , yield, water uptake and enzyme activity
Stimulates secondary metabolite generation and essential oil production in plants
Used as a root feed during flowering but with targeted foliar applications for optimal effect
Enhances the uptake and utilisation of PK Warrior 9/18 during flowering.

Shogun Sumo Boost Usage:
Shogun Sumo Boost is suitable for use with all growing mediums and techniques. Begin using Sumo from the moment flowers begin to form, typically around weeks 2 or 3 of flowering and continue using until a week before harvest. add to your nutrient solution at a rate of 10ml to 20ml per 10 litres of water used.