Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector

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Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector 

Available in 5" 125mm,  6" 150mm and 8" 200mm

The maxibright gold star air cooled reflector is probably our best value vs quality reflector. For 150w - 1000w Hps or Mh Hid Lamps, it works with all ballasts that you an extrenal iec connection. (99% of all)
A Great Mid range reflector with a great price to quality ratio, A new solid feelig reflector with an air tight glass shield allowing the reflector to be air cooled. If you know of maxibright then you know there products are quality and reliable.

Maxibright Gold Star Reflector  key Features
200mm, 150mm & 125mm size options
Highly reflective aluminium interior
Toughened glass lamp cover
Wide & uniform light output
5M x 1.5mm power cable
V-hooks for easy hanging
Airtight for efficient air-cooling
Suitable for 150W to 1000W HID lamps
Easy lamp access with a hinges cover and retention clips
Runs high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps

Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector 125mm 5" - 550mmx x 450mm x 250mm
Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector 150mm 6" - 670mmx x 550mm x 250mm​​​​​​​
Maxibright Goldstar Air Cooled Reflector 200mm 8" 680mmx x 570mm x 250mm