Dr Hydro - Mildew Protection Spray 500ml

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    Dr Hydro Mildew Protection Spray is a natural way to fight fungal plant pathogens. This bottle contains a concentrate of a natural and organic extract, that when diluted protects your plants 

    from attack by fungi by activating the plant’s own defense mechanisms. The active ingredient also functions as a biostimulant so also helps keep your plants healthy and green with improved flowering and fruiting.


    • Apply as a foliar spray by diluting 50mL of the concentrate in one litre of water.
    • Apply until droplets begin to run off the leaf tips. Ensure a good covering of both the upper and lower leaf surfaces.
    • Best applied just before lights are turned off at night. Repeat at first signs of a return of fungal attack.
    • Suitable for use on organic crops.

    Safety Data:

    • Registration and use in the UK/EU is covered under the EU organic Basic Substance regulations; Annex I of Regulation (EU) No 563/2014
    • Store out of direct sunlight and away from extremes of heat (4-30°C).