Systemair Vector EC Revolution Fan

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Revolution EC Inline Duct Fans deliver more power, shift more air and are more energy efficient than other equivalent fans. Instantly recognizable as a premium range these fans have been specifically designed by Systemair for indoor grow room extraction.

They boast German EC motors which combine the best from AC and DC technology to produce a smooth frictionless operation that dramatically improves efficiency and enables considerably more air to be shifted whilst still outperforming its counter parts.

Electrical buzzing noises normally associated with AC fans are eliminated thanks to EC frictionless motors. They are noticeably quieter and less detectable from both outside and inside the grow space due to the reduction in operation noise. Control for the Revolution is accomplished using an EC type speed controller.

These controllers will permit 100% control over the garden environment and once preset will happily keep it to within the ideal growing parameters that plants need to flourish.

•    50% more efficient than standard AC fans
•    Zero vibration at any speed
•    Thermal protected motor
•    Variable speed
•    Use in conjunction with an EC Digital Fan Controller


Max Airflow -

6" 150mm - 781m3/hr

8" 200 - 1332m3/hr 

10" 250mm - 1822m3/hr

10" 250mm High Power - 2077m3/hr