Terra Aquatica - Flash Clean (GHE Flora Kleen)

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FlashClean from T.A keeps your hydroponic system running by preventing salt build ups. Mineral fertilizers and tap water can cause deposits in pipe lines and around pumps that can eventually block the line. Pipe blockages or a pump that seizes up will quickly cause the plant to starve to death. FlashClean does not use an enzyme as its base, instead using a completely different technology. Not only does it keep systems clean, it also acts as an effective clearing solution for the end of the plants life cycle. It effectively flushes excess elements and impurities out of your harvest which improves overall quality, especially in taste.

FlashClean has a high concentrate formula which gives you greater value for money in comparison to some competing cleaning products. It is suitable for use throughout the entire life cycle of the plant with no negative effects. FlashClean is especially useful in hydroponics systems that are using hard water, which has a high level of elements in solution. It is also fine for use with any substrate including soil and coco and is ideal for dripper systems with these medias. It can help prevent nutrient lock-out by breaking chemical bonds as well as nourish and boost microbial life. This also helps with stress levels in the plant, reducing the effects of over feeding.

Another great aspect of this unique product is it will boost sugar production several days before harvest. You can use FlashClean alongside T.A FinalPart for even better results. Using both these GHE products together will work hand in hand, removing unwanted fertilisers, boost sugar production, and ultimately improve the taste of your crops!Ter