Tornado Twin Fan Controller

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The Tornado Fan Controller from Century Grow Systems is a 2-way fan controller that has more of an impact than determining fan speeds. It’s a deceptively simple unit with a socket for each your intake and exhaust fans, 3 dials to control your desired temperature, negative pressure setting and minimum fan speeds. Mount it to the wall outside your tent or within your grow room, drop the temperature monitoring probe in the centre of your room or tent and plug in your fans, it’s as easy as that to setup and start enjoying the benefits of precision climate control. More than that, the Tornado unit is proven to quieten that awful fan “hum”.

  • Dual Fan Control (Intake and Out)
  • Negative Pressure Control
  • Temperature Controlled
  • 10A and 2A models available for use with larger or smaller fans.
  • Reduces Fan HUM