VitaLink CalMag

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Important for plant growth and development, the VitaLink CalMag additive contains calcium and magnesium, two vital elements for strong plant growth. This is an ideal product for growers of all levels and can be added throughout the plant growth life cycle because it is an immobile product that can’t travel to areas of new growth. Use VitaLink CalMag product alongside your chosen nutrients.


Improves leaf growth
Enhances cell structure
Better plant growth
Strengthens plants
Helps plant development
CalMag is available to buy in 250ml, 1L and 5L bottles.

It is important to not overuse VitaLink Cal Mag, as this may cause negative effects.

Dosage: Use 1ml/1L for the first 3 weeks of vegetative growth in coco coir media, or when calcium is short in supply.