Wilma V2 Wide XL 8 x 18L

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Wilma 8 pot Drip Feed kit - Wide XL 8​

The Wilma growing system has been a run-away success since its launch in Holland. Now available in the UK, this extremely versatile system can be used in many different combinations with any growing medium.

complete with pump, tank, pots and fittings, excellent piece of kit that produces great results, one of our favourites

Wilma systems are active hydroponic growing systems offering the precision of hydroponic feeding combined with the flexibility of growing in pots. The 8 pot Wilma is a best selling Wilma systems. We believe with this addition to the range we have the products to fit all your customers growing areas.

• Excellent drainage whatever medium is used
• Large pump access for maintenance and monitoring of nutrient solution
• Pots are easily located and removed as necessary without interrupting nutrient flow or other pots
• High quality pots are ideal size and reusable
• Self-contained system greatly reduces chance of leakage
• Massive choice of growing media
• Single high quality full colour instruction sheet provided

190 x 90 x 20

Supplied with 8 Atami 18L pots